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Comprehensive solutions sometimes call for more than one specialty, and only a full-service brokerage like FORT can offer that kind of value. Our collaborative approach helps us achieve results and incomparable client recognition. FORT’s 100 committed employees are divided into three major teams :


Our brokers are happy to work at FORT, and many have been with us for more than 25 years. This stability and the innovative ideas provided by our younger brokers help support FORT’s reputation for excellence.

Since the client is our central focus, we have maintained personalized broker-client communication. Call centers are out of the question. Our brokers and consultants are here to get to know you, with the support of an entire team.

Our management team

Stéphan Bernatchez, CIB, FCIP

Damage Insurance Broker

As a bilingual and multiethnic brokerage, FORT reflects a cultural richness my colleagues share with me every day. People say I’m generous and devoted, but I just like to get involved in a project I believe in. I love high-altitude hiking, hockey, travel… and the brokerage business.



Diane Corbeil, BSc

Personal Lines Damage Insurance Broker

I love the members of the FORT team for their commitment, their collaboration and their dynamic spirit. My best qualities are my analytical skills, my resilience and my ability to think outside the box. My passions are travelling to different cultures and starting and finishing any project no matter how crazy it is.


Vice-President | Corporate Affairs

Franca Noto, CRM, RIBO

Damage Insurance Broker

FORT allows me to have a fun environment while working. I’m patient and enjoy organizing and listening to others. I love nature and the outdoors and spending time with friends and family watching a movie or just sitting around a fire.


Chief Operating Officer

Chantale Bouchard


Chief Financial Officer

Donna Warren

Personal Lines Damage Insurance Broker

I love the fact that FORT’s corporate values are similar to my own: respect, loyalty and empathy for those around us. This is an environment that prioritizes people. I’m organized and discreet. I love my family and the quality time I spend with them


Vice-President | Human Resources and Administration

Sofiane Benachenhou


To come….


Director | Group Benefits and Actuarial Services

Quentin Kilby

Damage Insurance Broker

I love working at FORT because it allows us the freedom and autonomy to work for our clients. I believe my sense of humour is my best quality. My passions are playing sports and reading good books.


Chief Technical manager | Insurance

Nathalie Boyer, AIB, CIP, RIBO

Damage Insurance Broker

Director | Corporate Client Services

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