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Doing business with FORT means having access to specialized insurance and creative strategies to mitigate risks and avoid losses.

Whatever your industry, we can offer you peace of mind with optimal protection for your business.

Solutions that fit

To fully understand your situation, a good broker must be attentive to your needs as a business executive. Listening is at the heart of any good collaboration. You have many responsibilities, which is why you are looking for an attentive professional  who will give you the facts.

At FORT, we understand your concerns because we listen and recognize the unique personality of your business. Whatever your industry, we find solutions tailored to your needs.

Your access to the very best insurers

Whether you are a manufacturing company, an equity firm or a contractor, no one insurer will be able to cover all industries. To find coverage that fits your operations, we will negotiate with the right insurer for the right product.

International partners

Unsure whether to export your product to international markets or expand within Canada? A step like this involves challenges and requires flawless risk management for your company.

Your only concern is to be confident in your decisions. We will make our knowledge and our international network available to you.

Worry-free claims

When the unexpected occurs, there is nothing worse than negotiating a complicated claims process alone. Whatever the situation, we offer quick, human and personalized assistance.

Let us get to know one another

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with customized insurance solutions for business executives.