Insurance for your personal property

Protecting your family home is a priority. However, some of your valuable assets may also have great sentimental value, such as that vintage car you are particularly fond of.  

At FORT, we take the time to get to know you and understand what really matters in your life. We will tailor our insurance coverage to your specific needs.

Knowledge and discretion

Our experienced brokers understand your concerns and offer solutions that fit your profile. They have the knowledge and discretion needed to work with business executives and wealthy families.

At FORT, we understand your concerns and are experienced in meeting all requests—even extraordinary ones.

Your access to first-rate insurers

We have close, long-standing relationships with major insurance companies. We can plan the right coverage for your specific needs: whatever the nature of your request, whether you are looking to insure your home, luxury boat or home office.

Protect your possessions anywhere in the world

At some point, you may purchase a residence outside of Canada or dream of owning a yacht. At FORT, we have an extensive network of insurance carriers and partners, both in Canada and abroad. Through these partnerships, we have access to markets that can protect your assets.

Worry-free claims

When the unexpected occurs, there is nothing worse than negotiating a complicated claims process alone. Whatever the situation, we offer quick, human and personalized assistance.

Let us get to know one another

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with customized solutions for business executives.