Group insurance outsourcing (Third Party Administration)


Managing a group insurance program is an important administrative task, and requires an understanding of your company‘s tax obligations. If managing your plan is eating up too much of your time, FORT can lend a hand!


Our outsourcing service includes taking over your plan administration and assigning an experienced advisor to your file. They will guide your employees step by step, to:


  • Ensure they have adequate coverage
  • Explain the plan and coverage available to them
  • Help them with claims
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices


Entrusting us with your plan’s administration also ensures that your employees best interests are taken to heart.

Available products and services:

  • Billing verification
  • Employee deductions
  • Taxable benefits calculation
  • Advisor assigned to your employees
  • Additional support for the administrator
  • Welcome kit for new employees

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Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our outsourcing solutions for group insurance plans.