Your customized pension plan

Whether through a pension plan, group RRSP or voluntary retirement savings plan (VRSP), you want to provide an effective savings tool to your employees, while respecting your bottom line.

FORT advisors have in-depth knowledge of the market and of the challenges you face. They will ensure that your group annuities plan is competitive and beneficial, for you and for your employees.

Our team will help you choose the savings tool that best meets your needs and administer your plan.

Available products and services:

  • Retirement savings vehicle selection
  • Design and review of chosen plan
  • Validation and review of supplier fees
  • Investment options proposal
  • Performance review of chosen investment options
  • Employee education and communication
  • Annual review
  • Participation in retirement committee
  • Compliance
  • On-site financial security advisor

Voluntary retirement savings plan

Voluntary retirement savings plan

If your business does not offer a pension plan to its employees, then it must provide its employees with an opportunity to contribute to a VRSP managed by an authorized administrator.

Why choose FORT for your VRSP?

  • Simple and easy to implement, in collaboration with our partners
  • Services and support by FORT account managers
  • Requires little administration once it is implemented
  • For your employees: low administrative fees and online transaction management

Performance and stability: nothing is left to chance

For a plan that performs well, you need very special ingredients:

  • Employee participation
  • A reliable supplier that offers a variety of investment options
  • Impeccable tax management

Educate and mobilize your employees with the help of our communication expertise. After all, who better than our retirement savings specialists to help you convince your employees to invest in their plan?

The FORT team leaves nothing to chance and will provide annual assistance, from managing fund suppliers to optimizing the tax aspects of your plan. 

Financial security as a tool for employee loyalty

The financial health of your employees is as important to them as it is to you. Offering a cost-effective plan is a great way to attract and retain your best talents, but only if they understand its true value.

Our pension plan communication expertise will help you effectively communicate the benefits of your program to your employees. These benefits include personalized assistance from a FORT financial security advisor.

Get all the facts

Our experts offer the comprehensive, sophisticated service that you deserve.

Whatever the situation, we will strive to offer honest, transparent communication.