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Whatever the nature of their value, you want your possessions to be protected no matter the circumstances. Whether it is for your home, your vintage car or private airplane, having the right insurance product is essential.

Made-to-measure protection

Owning a collection of rare wines from all over Italy, enjoying a secondary residence in New York, or driving a car in Paris, these situations all require a different kind of protection. The FORT team will find the right insurance product for you with the strictest discretion.

Trust our team to insure your:

Optimal solutions, optimal premiums

Whatever protection you need, we will work with you to find the most cost-effective product. This goes to the heart of the FORT promise, and reflects our commitment to always have your interest as our top priority.

Our brokers’ unfailing integrity has built and sustained our reputation since 1927.



When the unexpected occurs, there is nothing worse than negotiating a complicated claims process alone. Whatever the situation, we offer quick, human and personalized assistance.

Your concerns extend beyond your property

As we know and understand the individual circumstances of our clients, we have developed a comprehensive product offering that meets all of your needs. One-stop shopping for all of your services. What could be easier?

Let us get to know one another

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with customized solutions for business executives.